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 Gameplay Rules

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PostSubject: Gameplay Rules   Tue Jul 29, 2014 12:24 am

Okay, we have simplified the general rules. We expect everyone in this league to not have to be over regulated. If you need a long list of rules to be told how to play SIM, then more than likely you don't belong in this league.

We expect a couple things of everyone.
•Respect your opponent. You do not have to like everyone you play, but you will respect them. Verbal personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you aren't mature enough to handle things like an adult, then we will find someone who can.

•Schedule your games! We're here to play games against live people, not CPU games or SIM Games. If you aren't scheduling you games, you will be gone quickly. We advance every 72 hours. Don't wait until the last minute to schedule a game.

Game Play Rules

1) These are SIM leagues. No Nano's, No using of any known glitches (example: Procedural Awareness, Clock Glitch, etc). If you play like a lobby player, then you will find yourself playing in the Lobby, not in these leagues.

2) Punting - If you are on your side of the field, you must punt on 4th down (unless you are down by 4 scores or more). In the 4th Quarter, if you are losing, you can go for it anytime. No Bullet punts.

3) Quitting is NOT TOLERATED. First off, if you quit, you have no evidence of any wrong doing. Your word is NOT better than your opponents word. If you are losing big, and ask your opponent if you can concede a game in the 4th quarter, fine as long as your opponent agrees. We expect to play a full game EVERYTIME. If you are unable to man up and do so, we can find someone who will.

4) You must attempt to run and pass the ball at least 10 times each per game. Certain game situations will dictate you may not hit this mark. If you feel you are subject to an un-sim like game experience due to your opponent over rushing or over passing, contact your commissioner for an investigation.

You are expected to mix up your plays. Repetitive play calling is Horribly Lame, and shows lack of skill... mix it up.

5) No ridiculous formations audibles. (Example: Going from Quarters to Goalline). Going from Nickle to a 4-3 or 3-4 would be okay. Dime to Nickel okay. But Quarters to a running run blocking scheme/blitz, absolutely not.

6) Unrealistic drop backs, and QB insta sprints are not allowed (unless opponent sends an overload blitz). If its a called pass play, you must make at least a couple reads. If its a screen pass, that is not a run play, period.

7) Kick offs/Punt Returns
No onside kicks, unless down by 2 scores in the 4th quarter (or under 2 minutes to play, and you are losing)
Also, you may not control a blocker on either Punt Returns, or Kickoff returns. You may only control the Returner.
No user blocking of FGs or XPs, too many glitches that make this easy to do. [/b]

Fake Punt Rule
You may not fake punt at anytime on your side of the field. If you are on your opponents side of the field, the normal 4th down rule applies (you can go for it anytime on your opponents side of the field, this includes Fake Punts)

8)Milking the Clock - You may not milk the clock unless there is 3 minutes left in the half or til the end of the game.

9) Postion Rule:
This was one that we originally talked about applying to every position in the game, but decided that it should only be applied to the offense with 2 exceptions. Basically

QB's play QB
FB's play FB (no HBs here)
HB's play HB
TE's play TE
WR's play WR

** You can still put a TE or HB in your 4th WR position... but no higher. Your top 3 WR's have to be WR's.
** OLine are interchangeable, any Lineman can play any position.

10) Defense: You may only move around one defensive player, if you move someone you have to stay on that player till after the snap. No dropping DTs, DEs into coverage unles the play is designed for it automatically and it should not be over played either.
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Gameplay Rules
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